Drone taxi dubai

Arab Emirates is truly ahead of time. You can easily travel on land, water and air. And we really mean it: you can book a drone taxi. Dubai is the city where it is the most common. Benefits are endless. No more traffic jams and hassles. It has become the first city to make drone taxis a reality. It is one of the most advanced cities in the world and its drones are one of its many attractions.

In 2017 the world discovered that Dubai authorities were serious when they said that drone taxis will become another way to travel the city. The test flight was extremely successful so it was just a question of time when drones enter the streets. Don’t miss a chance to experience a flight in a two-seater vehicle made by German engineers. It is completely automated and it can lift and land vertically just like a helicopter. Nowadays you can even book the flying vehicle in advance and have a stress-free ride to anywhere across Dubai.

In 2017 it was only a short exhibition that didn’t last longer than 30 minutes. However, newer vehicles can handle longer flights. Dubai makes the future of flying cars quite possible. The authorities believe that you can call an air taxi from any place in the city. And since it’s still a new thing, you should book the vehicle in advance. This transport is as safe as traditional taxi and it has all important safety features.

If you drive with an air taxi, you can be sure you arrive at the right place because the system uses GPS. The vehicles can sense obstacles and go around them. They avoid colliding with other flying vehicles on the way. Everything has proved to work well and air taxi is even safer than traditional means of transportation. Of course, the technology is still in active development.

Once you arrive in Dubai, you will quickly realize that this is the city of taxis. And not only air vehicles, traditional cabs play a leading role. It’s really hard to get around stress-free without a taxi. Dubai has very little public transport and extreme weather conditions for just walking outside. Luckily, booking a taxi in the city is extremely easy and driving is quite comfortable. You can book a taxi in advance and get the final price beforehand. All vehicles are licensed and air-conditioned. They are quite affordable and use understandable meters. If you want a relaxing, safe and easy way to move around Dubai, taxi is your go-to option.

It comes as no surprise that demand for taxis in Dubai is quite high. That’s why it’s better to book it beforehand than waiting to pick up one on the street. Besides, no one wants to stay in the heat for a long time with heavy luggage. Company cars have special signs on them and drivers meet you holding a sign with your name on it. Don’t just hail a taxi from the street because you can bump into illegal cars. Even though taxi services are strictly regulated by the government, some people still find ways to fool tourists.

If you don’t want to stay outside in the hot sun and wait for a cab to pass, you can book it in advance. All taxi cars are licensed and metered and prices are charged according to the official fares issued by the government. Besides, you will get a driver who can speak English and (if necessary) give you some basic information about the city.

It is also worth saying that drivers know names of roads and numbers of houses. However, you can describe landmarks near your destination. Drivers use GPS to navigate through the city and find the quickest route to your place.

This is why you are better off booking a cab in advance

Unlike Dubai Corporation car drivers, private providers are interested in their clients. Therefore, you can travel cheaper and with more convenience by contacting Dubai booking service. There are fixed rates that you need to pay and they vary depending on the time of the day. Peak times are normally the most expensive. The final price is calculated based on the distance.

If you would like to have a safe and affordable transfer and know beforehand how much it will cost you, you can book a private service. You will avoid hidden costs and drivers who try to fool a tourist. All company drivers can speak English, nothing will get lost in translation. And they will wait for you in the right place at the right time.

There are taxi types in Dubai for every budget and needs. You can get a functional tiny cab or a luxurious limo. When you are in Dubai, you will see thousands of VIP taxis for discerning clients. There are also vehicles for people with special needs. However, you should definitely book them in advance as street cabs don’t even have a child seat. Prices for special vehicles are typically a bit higher. There are even cars encouraged for use by ladies with a female driver. It’s considered to be the most secure.